LaiPeters & Co provides a full service to its charity clients and aims to support trustees, governing boards and directors through all stages of charity development.

The charity sector is undergoing significant change driven by the provisions of the Charities Act 2006. Trustees have to deal with a much higher standard of accountability and great importance is now placed upon strategic planning and risk management.

The burden placed on trustees is greater than ever with a real risk of severe penalties should the charity fail.

Our services are designed to assist the Trustees in all areas of operation in order that they may be confident that all key issues have been addressed.

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What is a Charity ?

To be a charity an organisation must have purposes all of which are exclusively charitable; a charity cannot have some purposes which are charitable and others which are not. The Charities Act states that a charitable purpose is one that falls within the list of thirteen descriptions of purposes contained in the Charities Act and is for the public benefit.

Advantages and Limitations of being a Charity

Charities are governed by far reaching and complicated regulations overseen by The Charities Commission. Advice should be sought before setting up a charity.

Trustees' Duties

You may be reading this because you have just become, or are about to become, a charity trustee. If so, your skills and energy will help to make a difference to your chosen charity. You will become responsible for the charity’s aims and direction, for its property, finances and the employment of any staff or volunteers. Without good and committed trustees, no charity can hope to succeed

Annual submissions to The Charity Commission

LaiPeters & Co have considerable experience in assisting in the preparation and audit of the annual submissions.

Accounting and Reporting by Charities: Statement of Recommended Practice

This Statement of Recommended Practice places a considerable responsibility on the Trustees of charities. LaiPeters & Co are thoroughly familiar with the requirements and accustomed to advising on and working to that Standard.