Charity Support

Management and Financial Accounting Services

Budgeting and regular accurate accounting information allows you to judge with confidence the current financial position and how near you are to achieving your strategic objectives. Comparison with budgets will indicate areas possibly requiring change of direction and or increased attention.  

We advise on accounting systems including computerisation; aid in the maintenance of the accounting records, the production of budgets and management accounts. We can help the trustees to understand and interpret the management accounts into action programmes.

We will ensure that the annual financial accounts meet the stringent requirements of the Charity Commission and that they are submitted in a timely manner.

Audit Services

We will advise on internal control systems the absence of which severely undermine confidence in any accounts produced. Such control systems are a vital part of the risk management process. Such advice will include the most efficient and effective ways to achieve compliance and good practice.

Whether we simply help the trustees of a charity with less than £10,000 income to review the financial accounts, perform the independent examination of the accounts of an unincorporated medium sized charity or perform a full audit on an incorporated or larger organisation, our report will provide honest, comprehensive clear advice on matters arising.  The Audit should be a seal of approval for the trustees, the donors and the Charity Commission.

Governance Reviews and Health Checks

The Charity Commission's focus on governance in their review visits, along with the requirement to include a statement in the Summary Information Return regarding how the effectiveness of the governance can be ensured means this can no longer be left to chance.

We can carry out an independent review of your governance arrangements by interviewing trustees and other key personnel in order to gain an understanding of your governance in practice. We can then report using  the Charity Commission's publication "Hallmarks of an Effective Charity" as the standard.

Risk Management advice for Charities

The requirement for effective risk management was introduced under SORP 2000. We can help incorporate all the Charity Commission's requirements in your strategy. We will document a formal risk management strategy taking into account your acceptance of a given risk level

Strategic Planning for Charities

A strategic plan adopted by all the trustees and other key personnel clearly indicates the effectiveness of the governance and leadership. The SORP 2005 requires that details of the strategic objectives and the mapped  progress in achieving the plan be included in the report.

We can guide and assist the trustees in the preparation of an agreed strategic plan together with a critical path timing for achievement of the short and long term objectives.