At LaiPeters & Co we consider audit to be a service where opportunities for change can be identified, that will assist  our clients businesses to run more smoothly.

Our team will make careful recommendations after every audit as well as providing you with reassurance over your accounts. Where appropriate we will suggest more efficient systems, identify weaknesses and strengths and give advance warning of potential breaches of regulation.

LaiPeters & Co prides itself in working with our clients to help them achieve their future goals. We put a strong emphasis on planning our work to identify risk areas.

We will provide you with a point of contact with one of LaiPeters & Co’s senior Business Services managers and an audit partner.

Our audit staff have considerable experience in looking after a range of businesses. Our audit partners and managers have built up specialist knowledge of different market sectors and will be aware of the latest developments that may affect you.

LaiPeters & Co provides audit services to a wide range of client organisations: -

  • Private & Public Limited Companies
  • AIM and Ofex listed companies
  • Trade Associates
  • Pension Fund Audits
  • Solicitors' Accounts rules (SARS) audits
  • FSA regulated companies
  • Charities and other Not for Profit organisations