LaiPeters & Co provides a full service to its corporate clients and aims to support directors and shareholders through all stages of corporate development.


Incorporation means constituting your business as a legal entity separate and distinct from your membership or board of directors. It establishes your business as a more permanent structure and can limit the personal liability (financial obligation) of the shareholders.

Company Type

There are four main types of company in the UK. They are distinguished by their owners' or members' legal liability for any debts that the company incurs.

Company Secretarial

The Companies Act dictates how limited companies are run and what information must be retained. We can help guide you through the pitfalls or maintain the records for you.


At LaiPeters & Co we aim to staff our audit teams in a way that brings to bear for our clients the optimum mix of relevant experience and expertise.

Corporation Tax

Companies are required to make a self assessment return of their taxable profit and pay their tax without demand. The tax is normally payable 9 months after the end of the accounting period, with the return being due 12 months after the end of the period. Interest is charged on tax paid late and penalties are chargeable if the return is late.