Early Stage Planning

Acquiring Skills Needed

There is no such thing as the typical successful business person - but having said that, there are a number of characteristics which are usually found in successful business owners.  By identifying your weak areas, you could find some coaching, get some training, etc. Remember that your measurement of 'success' should really be based on a lot of things - including your motivation for starting a business in the first place.

LaiPeters & Co are familiar with and will readily outline the requirements necessary to run a successful business.

You will probably find that you will never stop learning or developing skills. Apart from learning by 'trial and error', there are many ways of trying to fill gaps in your knowledge. For example, there are formal training courses run at higher and further education establishments as well as distance or remote training packages including books, audio cassettes, interactive and other computer-based training programmes.

Discussions with business advisers and anyone else in your network of contacts who are knowledgeable about aspects of running a business, will also provide you with learning opportunities.