Early Stage Planning

Launching Your Business

There is no point starting up a business if no one knows you are there. So it makes sense to make a bit of a noise when you begin.

Setting a launch date will help you concentrate your mind on getting ready for business. It is easier to get things organised and in place when you know there is a deadline to meet. And, when you come to send back your first tax return, you will need to tell the Inland Revenue the date your business started.

Depending on your business, a launch event can be a great way of letting the world know who you are, what you are doing and where to find you. It is an opportunity for the people who could really make a difference to your business to meet you face to face. If you do decide to organise a launch event, try to hold it as close as possible to the date you actually start your business.

Before the event itself, you will need to think about your business name and image. You need to decide on this before you face the world for the first time.   Launch publicity. Think about placing advertisements where your customers will see them, and sending news releases to appropriate media - newspapers, magazines and local radio and TV stations.