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Share Schemes

LaiPeters & Co will be able to help you decide on the best share scheme for you and your company. We will guide you and ensure that your tailor made share scheme complies with Inland Revenue regulations. An outline of the share scheme options is shown below:

Shares & share options without tax & NICs advantages

- tax and NIC treatment of awards of shares and share options granted by an employer outside the scope of an Inland Revenue approved employee share scheme.

Share Incentive Plans (SIP)

- a tax and NIC advantaged plan for all employees. Companies can give up to £3,000 worth of shares a year to each employee. Employees can buy up to £1,500 worth of shares a year. Companies can reward this commitment by giving up to 2 matching shares for each share an employee buys. (Also known as All Employee Share Ownership Plan or Employee Share Plan).

Company Share Option Plans (CSOP)

- up to £30,000 worth of options each can be granted to any number of employees with tax and NIC advantages.

Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI)

- Companies with gross assets not exceeding £30 million can grant tax and NIC advantaged share options worth up to £100,000 each to any number of employees, subject to total share value of £3 million under EMI.

Savings Related Share Option Schemes (SAYE)

- tax advantaged scheme for all employees and directors. Participants save up to £250 per month to acquire shares at the end of a 3, 5 or 7 year period.