Inheritance Tax

IHT is often referred to as the “avoidable tax” and, with careful planning and forethought, it can be.

There are many reliefs and exemptions of which the ordinary taxpayer can avail himself, but good forward planning is the key to success and this is where we at LaiPeters & Co are keen to help. 

IHT affects many of us who may not regard ourselves as particularly wealthy. Sometimes, merely owning a home is enough to make us eligible to suffer this tax. 

At the other end of the scale you may hold investment property and business interests which need to be preserved for future generations.  

A thorough knowledge of IHT and its interaction with other taxes is crucial and we can tailor plans to best meet the individual needs of our clients and their businesses, be they based in the UK or abroad.

Sometimes, IHT planning can be an integral part of the arrangements that have to be made for an elderly relative in need of professional care. This is a particularly difficult area where we can help. 

Between the average householder and the wealthiest businessman there are a myriad of situations that warrant good IHT planning with which we would be pleased to assist.