Personal Tax

The LaiPeters & Co Tax Department offers our clients, many of them running family-owned businesses, specialist advice on all aspects of their personal finance affairs.  This advice is crucial when business and personal tax decisions converge - during succession planning, for example, and when considering inheritance tax.

The LaiPeters & Co Tax Department can advise you on all of your tax issues including:

Self Assessment

In 2000, the Inland Revenue introduced a new approach to controlling personal taxation, under the banner of Self Assessment.

Pay As You earn

The vast majority of people do not have to file a tax return and pay all their tax under PAYE.

Employee or Director

LaiPeters & Co offers a Self Assessment service where the burden of filling out the tax return and calculating what tax is due can be taken off your shoulders.

Capital Gains

CGT is a tax on capital gains. A gain is an increase in value. You normally only have to pay CGT when you no longer own an asset, that is when you have disposed of it.

NIC for Employees

Most people who work have to pay National Insurance Contributions (NICs).


From April 2002 tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs) will be payable on any allowances paid to employees who use their own vehicles for work that are above the approved statutory rate.