VAT is a continually evolving tax which has become so complicated that it can be a burden for any registered organisation.  It is one of the biggest generators of revenue for Central Government and costs the least to collect.

Our aim at LaiPeters & Co is to help simplify matters and help you deal confidently with this complex area. Our depth of VAT expertise covers many specialist areas and types of organisations and we understand the needs of the business and voluntary sectors. Our personal, partner led service ensures that clients' affairs are dealt with confidentially whilst we are committed to providing the highest possible level of service and technical expertise.

VAT by its nature is a tax on transactions, and in that respect it is even more important to work closely with our clients so that we can be alert to their future intentions and the correct decisions can be made before it is too late to affect VAT liability.  Where we need to do battle with Customs and Excise we have the negotiating skills to help you.

VAT is very much a European tax as it is levied in all states of the European Union and a great many more besides. We have expertise to help clients who operate on a pan-European and indeed global basis to assist with the VAT implications of trading in foreign countries.