Taxation is complex and constantly changing.  LaiPeters & Co deal with all aspects of business, personal and trust taxation and provide practical advice to minimise your liabilities. As well as providing the full range of compliance services that you would expect from any competent firm of advisers, we will help you structure transactions and plan your affairs for maximum tax efficiency. Our advice is always tailored to your commercial needs.

We have expertise in all the major UK and international taxation fields:

Tax need not be a burden; it can be managed and mitigated by taking advance action. Our service, quite simply, is to advise clients in straightforward language, as to what those actions are, and how they should best be implemented in a commercial way.

Our taxation staff help clients comply with increasingly stringent tax rules, negotiating with the Inland Revenue on their behalf and alerting them on important new legislation.

But for us compliance is just the beginning. We undertake the sort of innovative tax planning that allows our clients to make significant tax savings, often at key stages in the development of their business when forward thinking is critical.  The firm's partners supported by its team of tax specialists enable us to offer an in depth coverage of all UK tax matters from planning through to tax enquiries, and represent our clients' interests in front of tax and VAT tribunals.

Our strengths lie in applying our detailed knowledge of clients' affairs at a senior level to minimise their tax exposure while balancing this with a proper commercial judgement.  Depending on where your tax interests lie, we can help you out with any of the following:

Personal Tax

We offer our clients, many of them running family-owned businesses, specialist advice on all aspects of their personal finance affairs. This advice is crucial when business and personal tax decisions converge - during succession planning, for example, and when considering inheritance tax.

Corporation Tax

All UK resident companies and some unincorporated bodies are liable to pay corporation tax on their profits and gains.

Sole Trader

The LaiPeters & Co tax team are able to help with all aspects of your own and your business' s tax issues.


Our experts are able to advise large or small partnerships regarding partnership tax returns, tax planning and tax implications for the constituent partners, including Self Assessment and capital gains tax.

Inheritance Tax

IHT is often referred to as the “avoidable tax” and, with careful planning and forethought, it can be.

NIC for Employers

Employers' contributions are an ever-increasing burden on employers.

Start Up

You must register with Inland Revenue within three months of setting up in business (including becoming self-employed).


VAT is a continually evolving tax which has become so complicated that it can be a burden for any registered organisation. It is one of the biggest generators of revenue for Central Government and costs the least to collect.


With random enquiries now a possibility, all taxpayers are at risk of coming under the scrutiny of the Inland Revenue, the Contributions Agency, or Customs & Excise.